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I'm still alive

Although still feeling very down and useless I am alive still. I have come so far without losing that maybe I am not willing to give up yet. But my grandparents are the only ones that keep me from doing it. Without them, I am not sure what I would do and I know that as time is going on, I am getting closer and closer to when they will no longer be here. That is my biggest problem. I know when they are gone, I may go too. I will have no one at that time. But I do have a good thing in my life right now. I just started seeing this guy who seems interrested in me for me. Perhaps they will give me something to look forward too.....

I slowly let myself die
Those on earth shall not cry
I meant nothing to a single one
My unhappy life shall be undone

Bringing nothing but lonliness back
Emotional joy inside I lack
So I say goodbye to those I love
And fly away with a morning dove
Carried high into the sky
With this winged dove I fly
Soaring high above the trees
Below me a world no one else sees
Happy to be gone from below
No longer putting on a good show
Free from the pain that was me
Finally allowed to set myself free

Our sons and daughters sent to war
Our hearts cry for no more
Wishing them to be home
But far from us they do roam

Keeping the world safe and at ease
Destroying dictators that kill as the please
Seeing who are our friends
And those we shall never make amends
A hope a wish that many do not die
As those left behind shall surely cry
Make this war fast and swift as can be
Let the countries know what its like to be free
Leaving them to be what they should
Allowing them to live as no others would
No more fear for them dying under a hateful hand
And buried forgotten in the hot desert sand
by Me
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