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im new.

i found this community through a search of selfharm. My name's Becca and im just shy of 13 years old and i've been cutting and been depressed for 2 years. Usually its a off and on thing. I get depressed, cut for a little while then try and try to stop, sometimes it works, and others it dosen't. I haven't talked to my parents or any adult about this, and I really want to get help. I can't exactlly "talk" to my parents, were not very close. I almost tryed talking to my brother ( hes 22 ) but i didn't because I know he'll tell my parents. I don't know how to get help, and also getting help will cost money. I don't feel that im worth all of that trouble, and cutting is just easier for me. If you have any ideas on what i should do, please comment. And also, please don't think that just because im young, it's not that seroise, i tryed killing myself once, but i chickend out and split my leg open insted. Please help me..
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